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  • Save tons of Money during your Travels

  • Travel Longer, Cheaper and Better

  • Stay Safe and Healthy while Traveling around the world

  • And much more, check the preview and the complete curriculum!

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Everything included in this course!

  • 1

    Chapter 1

    • Welcome to the Travel Course!

    • Who am I and why did I create this course?

  • 2

    Let's Start! The First Efficient Steps to Plan a Trip Abroad!

    • Print Your Travel Planning Guide!

    • How Much Does it Cost to Travel Around the World?

    • Everything you need to know about Visas!

    • Never Pay Banking Fee ever again!

    • Essential Free Travel Apps - A Starter's Kit

  • 3

    Health & Safety

    • Stay Safe - My Best Safety Tips to Travel Around the World!

    • When and Where you might get Stolen

    • The 17 Most Common Scams Explained!

    • Health - My Best Tips to Stay Healthy Abroad

    • Traveling (or not?) with the Covid-19

  • 4

    Where To Sleep during your Travels?

    • The Best Paid Options to Sleep (Hotel, Hostel, AirBnb..) and where to find them!

    • Couchsurfing explained by an Experienced User (100+ references)

    • Wild Camping (Where to camp? + Tips & Equipment)

    • Volunteering: How does it work and what to expect?

    • Volunteering: How to Find a Volunteering Position?

    • Tested & Approved Places to Sleep for FREE! (and stay alive)

    • House Sitting

  • 5

    Flying - How to Find Cheap Flight Tickets?

    • What you Need to Know to Find Cheap Flight Tickets

    • The Best Websites to Find Cheap Flight Tickets

    • The Currency Trick - Pay Less with a Simple Trick!

    • 4 Tricks to Fly on a One Way Ticket

    • Where to Find the Best Travel Deals?

  • 6

    Transportation - My Best Tips to get from Point A to Point B

    • 10 Tips to Search and Book your Bus/Train Ticket!

    • Booking with a Travel Agency is much more expensive! + Two Concrete Examples

    • Introduction to Bike Travel + The List of Things you need to start!

    • Is Hitchhiking for you? + My Story to prove you that Hitchhiking still works!

    • How to Hitchhike? The 3-minute Crash Course

    • Do's and Don'ts of Hitchhiking

    • Safety: Hitchhiking Tips from a Woman!

    • Boat Hitchhiking - Hitchhike Across Oceans!

  • 7

    Ways to Lower your remaining Expenses!

    • 6 Ways to Lower your Food Budget!

    • How to avoid to buy a plastic bottle every single time you're thirsty

    • Reduce your Activity budget without cutting all the fun!

    • 8 Travel Tips

  • 8

    Ready to go? The last things to do!

    • Packing - Tips to pack efficiently!

    • Download the Ultimate Packing List!

    • How to Earn Money on the road?

    • A Complete List of Useful Travel Resources

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A great course

by Angel

I have been looking for budget traveling information on different platforms, this is by far the best course I have ever found. The course videos don't have super fancy video effects as some Youtubers have, but the content is very informative and full of practical easy-to-follow steps. It covers every aspects for going aboard. I would recommend it to people who want to plan a trip on a budget but don't know where to start. It will save you time from browsing numerous travel blogs and websites.

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